City Pet Health Care

Is your pet a city-dweller? You’ve come to the right place.

Pets living in the city have special health care needs. Prevention is the key to keeping city pets healthy. At Harbor View Veterinary Hospital, we emphasize preventive care and education for all city-dwelling pets and their people. Vaccines are the cornerstone of your pet’s preventive health care plan. Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, many common diseases once fatal to pets can now be prevented through the use of vaccinations.

At Harbor View Veterinary Hospital, we vaccinate your pet based on his or her unique individual needs and lifestyle.

Keeping your pet free of parasites (fleas, ticks, hookworms, etc.) is essential to his or her health. Parasites can also affect you and your family, as well. Parasites such as roundworms and hookworms are zoonotic, which means they can be transferred to humans. Harbor View Veterinary Hospital’s parasite prevention program protects your pet against heartworm infection, intestinal parasites, and other common pet parasites.