Did you know that the first full week in June is Pet Appreciation Week? While you already show your furry friend love every single day, here are five ways you can do something a little extra special. 


#1: Set aside extra time for your pet’s favorite activity

Nothing says “I love you” more than spending time doing what your pet loves most. Whether they enjoy napping, running, or stopping to sniff every tree, bush, and mailbox along your walking route, set aside additional time for your pet’s favorite activities. 


#2: Groom your pet

A pampering day at the spa will make your pet look and feel their best. You can schedule an appointment with your local groomer or set up shop in your home with an assortment of brushes, shampoos, and conditioners. When you’re spoiling your pet with this one-on-one time, check them over for lumps, wounds, or parasites to help ensure they stay healthy.


#3: Enrich your pet’s environment

For a house pet, your home can become rather boring. Spice up your pet’s life! Enrich their environment with various items that allow them to express natural behaviors. For cats, add a new scratching post or a lofty climbing tower with a hideaway. If your dog enjoys digging, create a digging space in your yard, or purchase a sandbox. Make the digging patch more exciting with hidden toys. You can also engage in daily training sessions with your furry pal, teaching them new tricks that never get old.


#4: Ditch your pet’s food bowl

One of the best ways to show your pet how much you love them is by tossing out their basic food dish. Many pets are overweight and bored, and feeding them food puzzles can help eliminate these issues. Many food puzzle options, such as rubber Kong toys and LickiMats, can entertain your pet while they work for their meal, preventing boredom and overeating.


#5: Schedule your pet’s wellness visit

Keeping your pet happy and healthy for years to come through regular preventive care is an excellent way to appreciate your furry pal. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.